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Cleaning up the world, one drawer at a time...

Welcome to the Clutter B Gone web site!

Clutter B Gone can transform your space into a functional, attractive, inviting and inspiring environment. We offer a variety of organizational services and products. During your consultation we will take the time to get to know YOU and how YOU work. We want to make systems that will work for YOU after we are gone, to KEEP you clutter free. Let us help you rid yourself of the problems that are making you feel trapped and overwhelmed.

Free your space...
Free your mind...
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Clutter B Gone Tips:

Did you Know?

  • Old stuff takes up physical space, and it also takes up psychological space; if your office is full of old useless stuff, so is your head.
  • The average businessperson receives 190 pieces of information daily and wastes 150 hours each year looking for stuff.
  • A little known fact is that 95% of everything you have saved for over 6 months is TRASH.
  • Do you say "no" or do you say "maybe" or "later" or "I'd like to someday"? Much of the clutter surrounding you is simply generated by unmade decisions.

 From our clients:
"Cheryl Thompson of Clutter B Gone has provided inspiration and structure for changing old habits and home traditions that no longer served me. It was great to have Cheryl brainstorm with me about solutions. I felt confident that I could let her hold the whole organization picture in her mind when I couldn't keep track. And I felt successful as I followed through with her plan with her by my side as well as by myself. I have so much more energy and freedom to live well in my home because I'm not managing so much stuff.
~ Lisa P. — Granite Bay, California

"Cheryl is the greatest organizer. She put my office in systematic order so I could easily locate whatever I needed immediately. She is fast to organize paper work and files. Cheryl is quick to take hold and complete the task!"
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent — Roseville, California

"I know you will be very successful because you are offering a valuable service at an affordable price. You are also passionate about what you do, and it comes through in your enthusiasm as you work. Our home office is a more pleasant place to work in, and the work table that used to be stacked with papers is still clutter free!"
~ Paul and Patty Lauterjung — Roseville, California

"I can't say thank you enough for all of your strategic organizing. It has made a huge impact on my sales in the store."
~ Jillian Gilbert, Store Coordinator for Placer County Association of Realtors — Rocklin, California